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Hello Guys! Welcome to Coding Torque. In this blog, I am going to share 5 websites that you can clone and practice to improve your web development skills.
First of all, let us talk about the skills you are required to build these clones.
HTML: Layout of Webpage.
CSS: Styling a Webpage.
JavaScript: Interactive and Functional.
React (Optional): To build the amazing user interface.
There are lots of websites available for practicing, these are my recommendations to start practicing. If you are Beginner / Intermediate level programmer you must try building these websites and put them on your profile.

    Try making Instagram clone :

2. Ecommerce App

Try making Amazon clone :

3. OTT Platform

Try making Netflix clone :

4. Food Ordering Website

Try making Zomato clone :

5. Automobiles

Try making Tesla clone :
Written by: Piyush Patil
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Hope you find this post helpful💖
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