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What is Frontend Development | How to become a Frontend Developer? – Explained

Hello Guys! Welcome to Coding Torque. In this blog, I am to explain all the things about frontend development. Also a roadmap of how you can become a frontend developer. Let’s get started 🚀.

What is Frontend Development?

The front-end development is also known as client-side development. The interface which a user or a visitor sees is the frontend and rendering pages, managing databases comes under backend development.
The Frontend is basically a UI (User Interface) and the Backend is UX (User Experience). The Frontend is designed/coded using many frontend languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, TailwindCSS, etc.

What work Frontend Developer does?

The Frontend Developer creates a frontend application that is a (UI) User Interface of the website, which is shown to the end user. The frontend developer code the web app with frontend technologies like React to make the website interactive with the user.

Roadmap For Frontend Development

To become a frontend developer you must have to learn basic languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a static website.
Below are the steps you can follow to become a good frontend developer.

01. Learn HTML & CSS

How to become a Frontend Developer
The most basic thing in frontend development is HTML & CSS. HTML refers to Hypertext Markup Language. It is a markup language that helps you create the structure of the website.
Whereas CSS refers to Cascading Style Sheet. CSS is used to design the components of the website.

02. Learn CSS Framework

How to become a Frontend Developer
Pick up any one CSS Framework.
After learning the fundamentals of CSS you should pick a CSS Framework that will help you styling easier. There are lots of CSS frameworks available in the market but I will prefer TailwindCSS or Bootstrap.

03. JavaScript

How to become a Frontend Developer
JavaScript is the most popular object-oriented programming you must learn. After learning HTML & CSS and one CSS Framework you are good to go with JavaScript. You can do anything with javascript. JavaScript is used in different fields like Web Development, App Development, Desktop Development, Machine Learning, etc.
Learn Fundamentals of JavaScript and skip to the next step.

04. A JavaScript Framework

How to become a Frontend Developer
After learning JavaScript Fundamentals, Now it’s time to learn JavaScript Framework. JavaScript Frameworks are in high demand, by learning a JavaScript framework there is a higher chance of getting a good-paying job.
Again there are lots of JavaScript frameworks available in the market. Some of them are Angular, Vue, and React.
I would recommend you to go with react.
React is introduced by Facebook (Meta).
React has large community support. Where if you got any problem in code there is a high chance that someone has already solved it and pushed it on the StackOverflow website.

05. Git & GitHub

How to become a Frontend Developer

After you have learned to create websites using frontend technologies. There should be a place where you can store your projects and keep you updated about versions.
Git and GitHub are the most important things you should learn. Git is used to managing the versions whereas GitHub is used to host your code.
Learning these things will also help generate more chances to get you a job.
This is not the end the more you learn the more you go deeper, so don’t stop learning.
Learn by creating projects🚀. Projects helps us learn and grow faster.
All the very best!💥
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