GrooveIt Music App built with ReactJs and Firebase

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A cutting-edge music application built with ReactJs and Firebase that seamlessly integrates with the Deezer music API to bring you an immersive music experience. GrooveIt not only provides a vast library of songs but also enhances your music journey with a user-friendly interface and a range of features to keep you in control.



Home page

Signup / Login Page


  1. User Authentication:
    • Sign in, sign up, and password reset functionalities.
  2. Playback Controls:
    • Play, pause, skip, and loop songs with ease.
  3. Volume Control:
    • Adjust volume, mute/unmute while enjoying your music.
  4. Search Functionality:
    • Search for songs by song name, artist name, or album name.
  5. Like Songs:
    • Like your favorite songs to build a personalized collection.
  6. Playlist Creation:
    • Create and manage playlists tailored to your taste.
  7. Song Details:
    • Explore song details, including cover image, singer, and album information.
  8. Persistent Music Player:
    • A music player component accessible across all pages, allowing uninterrupted music playback.
  9. Cross-Page Playback:
    • Keep the music playing while navigating through different sections of the app.
  10. Theme Switcher:
    • Fully customizable theme switcher to personalize your visual experience.

Steps to install

View Github for installation steps

Live Demo & GitHub

If you found any mistakes or have any doubts please feel free to Contact Us

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