Number Guessing Game in Python

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In this blog post, we’ll create a fun and interactive number guessing game in Python. Our AI will pick a random number, and the player will try to guess it. Let’s dive into the steps and the corresponding code snippets.

Step 1: Import Required Libraries

First, we need to import the necessary library for generating random numbers.

import random

Step 2: Initialize the Game

We’ll set up the game by defining the range within which the AI will select a number.

def initialize_game():
    lower_bound = 1
    upper_bound = 100
    return random.randint(lower_bound, upper_bound)

Step 3: The Guessing Function

Now, let’s write the function that will allow the user to make a guess and the AI to provide feedback.

def make_a_guess(correct_number):
    guess = int(input("Enter your guess between 1 and 100: "))
    if guess < correct_number:
        return "Guess higher!"
    elif guess > correct_number:
        return "Guess lower!"
        return "Congratulations! You've guessed the correct number!"

Step 4: The Game Loop

We’ll create a loop that continues the game until the correct guess is made.

def game_loop():
    correct_number = initialize_game()
    while True:
        feedback = make_a_guess(correct_number)
        if feedback == "Congratulations! You've guessed the correct number!":

Step 5: Start the Game

Finally, we’ll add the call to game_loop() to start the game when the script is run.

if __name__ == "__main__":


And there you have it! A simple AI number guessing game in Python. This game can be a great starting point for beginners looking to practice their Python skills and understand the basics of user interaction and control flow.

Written by: Piyush Patil

Feel free to customize the game by expanding the range of numbers or adding more features like a limited number of guesses. Happy coding!

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